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Solutions for Office 365

Sharing Widgets

Add This

How to add Add This sharing widget into Office 365.

Add to Any

How to add Add to Any sharing widget into Office 365 .

Share This

How to add Share This widget into Office 365.


How to insert BidVertiser ads into Office 365 website.

Solution can also be use for Referral link codes and toolbar download codes.



Bing Webmaster Tools

How to verify your Office 365 website on Bing's Webmaster tools.



Creating Page Anchors

How to create page anchors in Office 365, also known as bookmarks or in page links.



Embedding WMV Video

How to embed wmv video in Office 365.

Embedding Audio (WMA, MP3, M4A - others)

How to embed audio files in Office 365.



Facebook Like Button

How to insert a Facebook like button into your Office 365 website!  Social plugins are becoming more and more important!



Favorites Icon (Favicon)

How to add a favicon to Office 365.  A favion is the little image next to the title or url in the address bar or browser tab.



Left Navigation Ads

How to display content in the left navigation.  This example is for displaying Google Adsense Ads.




Google Solutions

Google +1 Button

How to insert Google's +1 Button for search.

Google Adsense

How to insert Google Adsense ads into Office 365

Google Analytics

How to monitor your Office 365 site with Google Analytics.

Google Custom Search

How to create a custom search to search your Office 365 site.

Google Gadgets

How to embed Gogle Gadgets in your Office 365 site.

Google Webmaster Tools

How to verify your Office 365 with Google Webmaster Tools.

Google Sitemap

How to add a sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools to an Office 365 website. 


Kontera In-Text Ads

How to add Kontera In-Text ads to your Office 365 website.



Lightbox - Image Enlarging

Lightbox is possibly one of the best ways to display enlarged images! 

Norton Safe Web

How to verify your site on Norton Safe Web.  Verifying your site with Norton Safe Web will give viewers confidence that your site is safe! 



How to Open Navigation Links in a New Window

This solution allows you create a navigation link to external site and have that link open in a new window.  You can also use the solution separately either to create a navigation link that opens an external site or you can just have a navigation link that opens in a new window.

Password Protecting a Page

How to password protect a page using Bravenet's Password Protect sevice.



PayPal Merchant Services

How to insert PayPal Buy Now and Add to Cart Buttons.




Babel Fish Web Page Translator

A simple translation widget, nothing fancy, but easy to implement.

Microsoft Translator Widget

Offers a number of features inlcuding automatic page translation.

Yahoo Site Explorer

How to verify an Office 365 website with Yahoo's Site Explorer.












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