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SEO for Office 365 

 This a quick checklist for SEO in Office 365.


  1.   The very first step in SEO is to have content to be searched.  So, first make sure you have your site designed and at least a few pages with some content explaning your website's purpose.
  2.   Second each page should have a short but descriptive title, a few keywords for that page, and description of the page.  You do not have to get too carried away with the keywords a few good keywords is much better than lots of poor keywords.
  3. Add alt tags to any images you have on your website.  Search engines rely on alt tags for images, since they cannot "view" the image.
  4. Next submit your site to the search engines:
          - Google:
          - Bing:
          - Yahoo:
  5.   Sign up for the Webmaster Tools at Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  This is not required but does give you a general idea of how the search engines are seeing your site.



  6. Be sure to keep adding content to your site.  Search engines LOVE content particularly text!  Also, keep refining your keywords based on the results from the Webmaster Tools.










Updated: February 12, 2012




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