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Google Adsense Ads

How To Video:

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1.  You can sign up for Google Adsense at:


2.  Once signed up, create your ad; you do not need to copy the code just yet.


3.  In Office 365, go the page you wish to place the ad on and under the Insert tab, select More Gadgets and select the Paypal Gadget.

Selecting the Paypal module under More Gadgets


4.  Paste the Base Code into the Paypal Module:

<form action="">
<input type="image" style="display: none;" />



base code in the paypal module


5.  Now you can copy the code from Google for the Ad.

copying google adsense ad code


6.  Paste the Ad code between the <input> and </form> tags in the Paypal module.

pasting the Google Adsense code in the paypal module



7.  Click OK on the Paypal module and your ad will be inserted on the page.  The Paypal module with the Google Adsense code should be completely collaspsed and the ad will not be visible in the Designer.  When you view the page the ad should be visible.  If you wish you can resize the module, which I would recommend, this will allow you to more accurately layout the page.

paypal module with google adsense code in the page


8.  [Optional] To resize the module, right click on the paypal module and click Resize.

resizing the paypal module


9.  [Optional] In the resize dialog select Specify Size and type in your desired size.  In this case I have an ad that is 300px by 250px so I will want to set my module size to 300px by 250 px.

specifying size of the paypal module








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